Advice and answers from the TaxDome Team

Getting Started

Overview the very basics of TaxDome for more efficient software usage.

14 articles

TaxDome Academy

Learn the TaxDome basics in under an hour

3 articles


Customize your firm portal according to your needs. Set up emails, notifications, 2fa

8 articles

CRM & Clients

Manage your customers on TaxDome. Contracts, organizers, emails, and more available.

26 articles


Store, share documents, get client approvals and request e-signatures with KBA.

36 articles


Create organizers with conditional questions and documents requests

10 articles


Secure communication: emails, messages, tasks for your clients.

21 articles


All about invoicing, payments, promotional credits, refunds, fees, and more.

34 articles

Workflow & Automation

Workflow helps you automate most of your repeated tasks. Track work progress easily.

41 articles


Access TaxDome both on your mobile and desktop via our apps and mapped drive.

28 articles

Subscription Plans & Pricing

Learn everything about TaxDome subscription. Compare pricing plans.

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All about sync with third-party services: Stripe, QuickBooks, Zapier, etc.

15 articles

Team Management

Add team members, set up their access to clients and to TaxDome features.

18 articles

Site Management

Build and maintain your website. White-label & custom branding, free hosting provided

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Everything is legal with TaxDome. Be confident.

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Support & Troubleshooting

Having an issue or an error appeared? Want to request a new feature? We hear you.

20 articles

How-To Videos

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